Morning Pictures

The juncos were waiting for me this morning.  I could hear them chirping in the dark.

Today is a brew day.  It's in the mid-twenties now – it was colder when the flame was lit under this pot of water around 6:30 or so.  At least it's stopped snowing. 

The cherry tree.  I've got a thisle seed feeder, a peanut nugget feeder, and a suet cake hanging from the tree, and off to the right on the ground are seeds, peanuts in the shell, and some of the leftover cookies from this holiday season.  I'm going to be breaking the rest of the cookies today and will give them to the birds little by little.  I've had enough cookies for a while.

I'm currently melting suet to make some suet cakes…and I've got two fillings made for ravioli, and I'll make the dough a bit later this morning.  I made a sauce a few days ago.

And I think that's the kitchen activity, at least mine, for today.  Back to work for now!

2 thoughts on “Morning Pictures

  1. My husband brews beer – has done since before I knew him. From extracts at first,and then all-grain batches. His best friend and brewing partner most of the time, is over today and they are brewing about fifteen gallons of…something thatI cant remember because Im tired. I think its a Belgian Triple Bock. Its extra challenging today because the brew pot is outside (I cant fit something that big on the stove) and its been very hard to maintain (or even achieve) the desired temperatures, given that the temperature started either at or below twenty this morning and hasnt gone past 32. We had four differenthomemade beers on tap (normally theres two at the most) at the same time last month – a pale ale, a red ale, an oatmeal stout,
    andone called Holiday Cheer thatskind of like liquid lebkuchen -highly spiced and rather potent.

    Anyway, thats brew day for you. I usually make something good for lunch – today I did the ravioli. And now, the dishes are soaking and Im thinking I should get that flan post written now.

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