Updates on Julia’s Room

Yes, the painting continues.  Bit by bit.

Actually, there's not a lot left to do – one side of her closet door (the out side), and the baseboard all around one side of the room and the window frame, which I hadn't done last summer because we had the air conditioner in it.  So now the time is right.

Anyway, I took these pictures on Sunday.  I was doing some more painting around her closet and doorway, and Bill went back into that crawlspace to add more insulation (so that we would no longer have a view of daylight through the wood and shingles).  He found more roses, by the way.  Just the flowers.  It looked like they were different colors at one point in time, judging by the varying shades of fade they are now. 

Anyway, here are just a few snapshots…and if your eyes are pained by lots of bright pink, you might want to grab some protective lenses before you go any further.

Here's a little peek at the inside of the door to her room.  This is what I let her do all by herself, though I helped up with the higher section, since it was beyond her reach, even if she was standing on a footstool. 

So here we go.

First, there's the necessary princess in a castle.

You may note that the castle has no dimension to it.  It's just two towerish things and a stone facade with a doorway.  So maybe she's just playing at being a princess, and this is something her parents built for her out of cardboard.

Anyway, from the doorway you might notice a dark purplish slanty rectangle.  That's the drawbridge, which Julia really wanted.  And that leads to a winding path that meanders down the door, widening as it nears the bottom, to communicate to viewers that the castle is way off in the distance and the path comes right into Julia's room.

IMG_7109_1 IMG_7110_1
That's pretty much the door.

And, now that you can see the whole thing, you might notice, with horror, that the castle is tilting and looks like a strong rainstorm might wash the whole thing away.

Yep.  Mommy the Great Artist.  Somehow my perspective got a bit skewed standing on a stool painting that. 

Ah well.  Julia doesn't seem to mind.

What else…

Well, okay, remember the elephant I showed you in this post?  The one on the crawlspace door, where Bill found the plate and the flowers?  I went back and added some purple to the elephant and her flower, and here's how she looks now:

Of course, right now she's not visible – the air conditioners (2 of them) are tucked in that nook until summer.  But she's there, and will be able to come out to play when the weather is warmer.

And that's about it for updates. 

2 thoughts on “Updates on Julia’s Room

  1. I am in awe of your artistic talent! This weekend I plan to put the finishing touches on our blue/green/lavendar guest bathroom with lavendar hibiscuses (hibisci?) stencilled on the walls. Even with the stencils, I’m totally intimidated and convinced I’m going to screw it up!

  2. Don’t fear the screw-ups! That’s what leftover wall paint is for. You just have to jump in and do it. Let me know how it turns out this weekend. Or, better yet, send a picture!

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