Before My Day Starts

A thin coverlet of snow on the ground when I first got up this morning.  It's melted on the roads and driveways, and will probably disappear completely as the day moves along.  At 38 degrees (last time I checked), it's too warm to keep snow.  We'll be getting rain, though.  Rain, rain, rain basically on and off through the rest of the week. 

I've got some baking that I want to do today.  The cookies for Tuesdays with Dorie that I didn't do yesterday because I was cleaning out the pantry and reorganizing it for the spring/summer portion of the year.  I'm a little early, I know.  But I was in the mood to do it.  I gathered all my empty canning jars and got them all in one spot.  I know I'll need more because I gave away jars of jams for gifts at various times.  But that's okay.

I'm really geared up to do a lot of canning this year.  Hopefully the weather and gardens will cooperate.  We're also thinking of investing in a vacuum sealer this year.  I know we'd make good use of it, so it seems a very practical and very "us" thing to buy.  Any suggestions as to what brand is the best?  I haven't started researching it yet, and I'm open to you opinions.

Thinking about changes to make to the website.  Layout.  Content.  Stuff.  Still thinking.

Time to make a lunch for Alex.  I suppose I could have him make his own lunch, now that he's a pb&j pro, but I actually like doing it, so I think I'll keep that job for now.

And, of course, laundry awaits….

3 thoughts on “Before My Day Starts

  1. Hi Jayne, we have a Food Saver and I LOVE IT! We shop at Costco and buy things in bulk that we share with our family and it gets some use! I also use it save our garden goodies! I would highly recommend purchasing a Food Saver. The cost has come down quite a bit, and it is a good investment.

  2. I have to say I absolutely love my Food Saver. I have kind of the middle of the line model, but it is great and I highly recommend them.

  3. Even *I* have a vacuum sealer, it is brilliant for keeping things in the freezer with no freezer burn, and I reckon it would keep flour un-mitey as well.

    Get one, and with the amount you do, get LOTS of bags on a roll.

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