Bits and Pieces

It's Saturday morning.  My kids are watching the movie Shark Tale and when that's done, we're heading up to the kitchen to make another batch of pancakes.  Like last time, there will be half plain, and half flavored somehow.  I'll let you know.  I'm thinking of keeping "Cooking With My Kids" as a regular weekly feature.  I'm sure at some point we'll move onto something besides pancakes. 

Not sure what I'm doing this weekend.  We've got some snow, but it's very light and fluffy, so I don't think we'll be making snowmen.  Honestly, I'm hoping it melts soon.  I'm looking forward to Spring.  It's pretty, though, this snowfall.  Maybe I'll take a few pictures.

Speaking of Spring, don't forget to check in periodically with my gardening blog.  If you're interested in gardening stuff, that is.  At the moment it's probably just lots of "the (insert plant name here) is up!" but as time rolls along, it should get more interesting.

I love listening to my son when he's playing with his toys.  Right now he's playing with some of his 8 zillion dinosaurs.  There's some sort of horrible carnage going on, by the sound of it.  Lots of growling, squealing, roaring, and all sorts of other assorted noises.  I love it when he's so completely engrossed in the world he's created.  Yay, imagination!

Julia seems to be feeling better today.  She's still all congested and occasionally really gross, but she slept through the night and is currently dancing wildly to the Shark Tale soundtrack (the credits are rolling now). 

Today, besides pancakes, I need to bake some bread, and I'm thinking we'll bake some cookies, too.  Last night we had tacos for dinner.  Not sure what tonight's will be.  Sometimes I get these mental blocks about making dinner.  I know, I know.  I've got tons of cookbooks, how could such a thing happen?  It just does.  I stare at all the possibilities, and maybe we don't have an ingredient, or we just had pasta last night so I don't want to do another pasta thing…who knows.  Sometimes I think it's also because I have a family to cook for.  If it was just me, I'd be fine with a grilled cheese sandwich or a bowl of cereal.  But with a family, I feel a greater sense of obligation to prepare A Meal most of the time.  Sometimes we'll have breakfast for dinner nights, or grilled cheese and a can of Campbell's tomato soup.  And no one complains about it, but it's not something I can do all the time. 

Maybe pizza tonight.  I've got homemade sauce in the freezer, I have a bunch of mozzarella cheese, and I can easily make dough.  Other toppings?  Well, we've got some leftover stuff from taco night…and I can raid the freezer and cupboards for other vegetables.  Okay, I think I'm all set now.  Phew!

So, since I'm on the topic, what are your go-to meals when you can't think of anything else to have for dinner?  What can you toss together easily that will please everyone you need to feed? 

8 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. I make a quiche with a hashbrown crust. What I add to the quiche depends on what is left in the fridge. This pleases nearly everyone, except for my 11 year old, but then I just make her scrambled eggs instead, since the eggs are out anyway. Normally I’m in the kitchen making a big meal, but some nights that just isn’t possible. Another go to that really pleases my entire family is paninis. They love just ham and cheese, but our favorite is bacon, apple and peanut butter! Yum!

  2. We always have omelettes when we can’t think of what to cook. They are so versatile as you can just ad any veg / meat to them, add a bit of cheese and cook for 10 mins until done. We always plan our meals for the week and shop for the ingredients we need but when we can’t b bothered to cook one of the meals we’ve planned for then omelettes are our fall back each time! Helen x

  3. I almost always have chicken in the fridge/freezer, so when I cant think of anything else, I make Panko Chicken for my husband and I. We both like it, and it takes about half an hour.

  4. My fallback meal is almost always pizza. Also, my kids are always happy for me to make scrambled eggs or pancakes.

  5. I have an non traditional pizza that I make when I am totally out of meal ideas. I make my own pizza dough spread on a generous amount of honey garlic sauce, sprinkle on some canned chicken, (I know, I know…gross canned chicken but hey when you are too tired to cook up some fresh chicken it does the trick.) Then I top it with whatever toppings I have on hand. I enjoy some peppers, pineapple, onions and black olives. I have put on some leftover bacon as well. Sprinkle on some cheese and away you go. I have one daughter who has decided recently that she doesnt like pizza anymore but will still eat this one. Oh and I have also used teryaki(the thick one) or BBQ sauce as well and it was equally as good.

    Love your blog, I read it every day.

  6. Pasta; we always have the ingredients to make some sort of pasta dish around the house. This is usually the fallback plan in case whatever was taken out of the freezer the night before is still frozen.

  7. With three small, picky eaters, it’s either pancakes or eggs and toast. But now two of them won’t eat eggs. Grr. Before children, it was always frozen pizza – something else they won’t eat. Ah, the good old days… 😉

  8. Usually it’s chicken cooked in a pan with whatever spices I grab first, some pasta with garlic and olive oil.

    I know what you mean by always wanting to cook A Meal. When I lived by myself (or had a roommate that was never home) I didn’t cook a ton of food and usually it was either a bowl of pasta with a little butter with some veggies thrown in (mostly onion or broccoli) and maybe some parmesan cheese. Or a sandwich. Or a salad. Maybe some chicken… nothing really exciting.

    I think now because I have someone to cook for (even though we don’t have kids) I tend to go all out a lot more. It’s one thing to cook for yourself, but when you cook for other’s you’re putting your time, knowledge, resources and love into a dish that will nourish the person eating it. There is a very loving relationship between the person preparing the meal and the person eating it (at least in a household setting – I’m not so certain that it applies to the extent I’m talking about in larger restaurants) which makes us want to make the food not only nourishing, but pleasurable to eat as well.

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