Not so “Ow” Today

Apparently shoveling icy snow is actually GOOD for loosening up stiff, sore muscles. 

After my sad and miserable post yesterday, I brought Julia to school – after easing myself, cell by cell, into the car and wincing in pain every time I looked in the side view mirrors – and then came home and promptly slipped on some ice in the driveway.  I didn't fall, thank goodness, but it wasn't fun.

I thought about soaking in the tub again, but wasn't in the mood, so I brought the phone and a kitchen timer downstairs with me (the timer was in case I decided to take a nap – so I could wake up in time to get the kids at school), and tried to find A) a comfortable position on the couch and B) something to watch on TV.  I found a movie, and shifted around painfully most of the time, seeking five seconds of painlessness at a time. 

Later on, after I got the kids, I did the dishes and tried to keep myself upright and moving, figuring the muscles just needed to stay busy.  Interestingly enough, while I wasn't all better, my late afternoon/evening was significantly less painful than the morning. 

Today, I'm still kind of sore and stiff, but I'm not worse, which is a good thing.  I woke up rather cranky today, I think because yesterday was such a bust in terms of getting anything done.  So today I'm trying to catch up.  Lots of laundry.  Empty the dishwasher.  Run some errands.  Rah rah.  But at least I can move. 

2 thoughts on “Not so “Ow” Today

  1. I shoveled or shoved show off the drive way today too. Glad the back is better, I think you are right about moving around, if you don’t move it just gets stiffer.

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