Yesterday morning, before we got even a single flake of snow here, I figured I'd put out some birdseed so the birds and squirrels could get a good meal before the storm we were expecting.  The storm which, incidentally, failed to materialize, at least to any great degree.  But I digress.

We have a little bin by the back door that contains a couple of bags of seed (one mixed, one just sunflower seeds), and I bent down to fill the yellow birdseed scoop with a mix of both.

And as I did that, I felt a sudden sharp flash of pain across my lower back.

And that sudden whatever it was that I did yesterday morning is even worse today.  I feel it all the way around my back, like about hip height, and across the front, and I can't find a single position – standing, sitting, lying down, leaning over in pain – that helps.  I've applied ice, I've applied heat, I've soaked in the tub, and I've taken ibuprofen.  I would cry, but I'd probably end up straining something else, so forget that. 

And, to make things even better – and stupider on my part – though we didn't really get much snow here yesterday and last night, we got enough to produce large clumpy balls and blocks of ice at the foot of the driveway, and, more relevant to this story, at the foot of the driveway of our neighbors across the street.  They are in their late eighties/early nineties…not exactly sure of their ages, but up there, and they have no family living nearby, so we (Bill usually) take care of the shoveling for them.  In the past, our friends across the street – who live next door to the older couple – have helped, but the husband was at work before dawn, I think, and the wife is 8 months pregnant.  Bill went to work at the normal time – no one-hour delay today like he'd hoped – so I went over there and shoveled their driveway (OH I JUST SNEEZED AND IT HURT) right after dropping off Alex at school.  I did that, and the foot of our driveway, and our front walk and steps.  And then I came inside and whimpered a lot.

I iced my back.  I soaked in a hot bath.  And in a little while I'll have to bring Julia to school.  I'm not sure what I'll do once I get back here, but I'm sure it will involve lots of self-pity and more whimpering.

When I was in labor with Alex, 7 and a half years ago, most of it was back labor, which I'd heard of and heard bad things about and discovered that those bad things were pretty accurate.  This pain in my back now?  It's kind of like an awkward stagger down memory lane.  Only without the prize at the end of it.

That's all for now.  It will take me fifteen minutes to rise to a standing position, and another fifteen to make it to the kitchen to pack a snack for Julia.  I'd better get going. 

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  1. Thats so nice of you, Em. Ill get them, though. I think itactually helps if I keep walking around.But really – thank you for the offer!

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