Pre-Spring Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I rearranged the living room.  I washed the windows, too, and the heavy glass insert on the coffee table.  Took that whole thing out, too, so I could clean the dust and debris and birdseed (why?) and gunk that has accumulated there for – I admit it – years.  All nice and clean now!

When the kids were at home in the morning, I had them moving toys from the basement and the living room back up to their bedrooms.  For a whole hour!  And, strangely, I didn't have to crack the whip at Julia more than oh…twice or three times.  Maybe she had caught some of my infectious energy. 

I stripped and remade all the beds. 

I did laundry until I ran out of laundry soap.  But I'm mostly caught up.

I made three lasagnes for dinner last night.  Yes, three, but don't be too impressed.  Two of them were small (loaf pan sized) variations on a theme.  I'll explain in another post. 

The living room, though, the living room is the main thing.

Now I just would like to dig through my fabric and find something with which to make a half-length curtain – or I guess it would really be a valence, now that I think about it – to soften the look from outside. 

And last night, while dinner was in the oven, Bill and I reviewed the master list of plants we're going to grow this year, seeds we need to order, and so on.  We're putting in two new 4' x 4' plots as well, and doing a HUGE amount of rearranging.  Very exciting stuff.  We're also planning – though this is a long way off – to maintain a winter garden, primarily for herbs and salad stuff. 

And I mention THAT bit of information – our gardening prep – just to say that at some point soon I'll start posting again on my little gardening site some time in the near future.  In case you're interested. 

I just wish we could get a couple of chickens.  I really, really do. 

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  1. Oooh that sounds lovely! I’m hoping to start a little balcony garden. We have a 20ft balcony off our new apartment where I could put a few racks with some planters. I’d like to start small with a little herb garden and then increase it as we go. My boss has a HUGE garden with all different kinds of lettuce, pepper, squash, tomatoes… all kinds of things. He brings in huge rubbermaid containers full for everyone when he harvests them.

    Of course, I want to grow some flowers too. Just because.

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