Snapshots from Maine – Part 4 – A Bill’s Eye View

Bill had Alex's camera during our trip so he could take pictures from the various summits at Sunday River.  Alex has a little Nikon point and shoot, which fits better in an inner pocket of a ski jacket than my camera does.  And the resolution is better than Bill's cell phone.

So here we go.  Here are some of the gorgeous views you get when you go all the way up.  (Some are taken from various points along the way up, some were taken near some of the lifts – and I am not labeling them because I don't know where Bill was for each of these, and he's busy painting the repaired wall upstairs, and I don't want to interrupt that.)

Bill took this one just before skiing down Vortex.  That's a reflection/silhouette of his head there on the right part of the sign.

One of the cool things about staying on the mountain, besides not having to get up super early to get the kids to their classes on tome, was that you could roll out of bed, get dressed, eat your fill of breakfast, get your skiis from the ski check room, and practically ski right out the door to the nearest lift.

Bill did this with Alex both Wednesday and Thursday mornings – they rode lifts up and skiied down various trails, working their way across various mountain faces until they got to the main camp where the classes are.  Pretty cool.  Then at the end of the day on Wednesday, Bill and Alex also skiied back to our hotel.  Nice father-son ski time.  At one point, when they were at one of the summits, Bill had Alex just stop moving and take a few minutes to look at the view.  Alex agreed it was pretty cool.

On Thursday morning, our last part of the day there, Bill took Julia along, too, and they hit a bunch of the green trails together.  Bill took a few pictures while they were out, and I'll share them in another post. 

4 thoughts on “Snapshots from Maine – Part 4 – A Bill’s Eye View

  1. I love snowboarding and I would love to be there. The snow looks wonderful and the scenery looks amazing. I love how open it is and how everyone can move about any way that they want, is great. Thanks for inspiring me to get on my gear and to head out to my local mountain!!

  2. Nice, and I’m glad Bill took the pictures, but I know your pictures would have been a lot different. Don’t give up on skiing. Maybe next year get a private one on one lesson, someone who is willing to spend a whole day or two with you. Oh hell, I’ll just come up and teach you like I did with that girl in New Mexico. Her little hubby thanked my sister and I every time we saw him on the mountain for 2 days after. You can do this…. you are them mother of two, you can do anything!

  3. Sigh. These pictures all make me really want to go skiing, but considering the last time I went I was, oh, twelve years old, I know it will be years for me to work up the courage to go again. At least I still have my old boots and skis. Oh, to be twelve again, when I was so optimistic about my skiing prospects, and thought I might grow some more. Sadly, neither panned out.

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