Waiting for the Snow


Don't be fooled by the white look of things outside the window in the photo above.  There's not a lot of snow out there yet – it just looks very white (and snowed-upon) in contrast to the darkness indoors.  It was snowing some, when I shot this picture a little while ago, but nothing blizzard-like. 


I took the picture above shortly before I shot the one of Julia.  You can see a dusting of snow, but not a lot of accumulation.

Things are changing, though.  In just the time it took to upload the pictures and post them here, the snow has started falling more deliberately.  Here are a few pictures I JUST THIS MOMENT took:


We're all home today - most schools put out their cancellation notices yesterday for today, so we didn't even bother to get up early to watch the news.  It was, however, a bit of a let down to get up and look outside and see not even a hint of a flake.  But all that has changed, and I'm planning to spend the day in the kitchen, cooking or baking, writing, and yes, looking out the window a lot.

What's the weather like where you are?

9 thoughts on “Waiting for the Snow

  1. Nothing to speak of in Pawtucket… yet. However, we are getting released from work at noon. WOO HOO! I’ll be converting our toad/newt tank from a wet one to more of a dry setup with a swimming pool 🙂

  2. No indication of early closing in “moving company” land. Most people saying they’re leaving early regardless. Coming down pretty good over here!

  3. I live outside Washington, DC in Virginia. We are being slammed!! Love your blog. I’m always sending links about Julia to my daughters! She’s a riot 😉

  4. snow snow and more snow! not really that much, just a few inches. roads were bad though and i got rear-ended on the way back f/m the vet last night!

  5. It was cold for us barely upper 30’s in No.Texas. We are supposed to have freezing precipitation in the wee hours of the morning and snow tomorrow. Great! I’m supposed to attend a workshop in Dallas… not looking forward to the drive.

  6. We got about two inches here in the Boston area. I was told that there would be a blizzard of epic proportions, that we would get eight to ten inches, that it would snow all day starting at seven.

    Two inches. And I got out of school early (not that I’m complaining)!

  7. Cold!! We have about 2 feet now and get a little dusting of snow almost every day.. Expecting more than a dusting this weekend..

  8. Mid 20’s and possible snow through the weekend here in upstate NY. We got about a 6″-8″ on Wednesday, schools were closed, but businesses were open. Since I work on top of a hill that rivals hilly passes back in WVa (and a crummy little Saturn SL-1) I decided to take a personal day and enjoy watching the snow fall with a cat curled in my lap and a mug of peppermint tea.

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