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Why, It Seems Like Only Yesterday…

 ** (I found this post among my drafts.  It's from last summer.  Thank goodness all this is DONE!)

"Bedrooms Project Updates:  Julia's Room and the Hardwood Floor"


I've lost track of what I've posted and what I haven't, with these rooms.  So if I've already done these, sorry.  Senility isn't pretty in someone so young…

Anyway, here is the view into Julia's room.  I believe I took these because at this point (these were taken on Friday) the room is ready to prime. 


That's one of the two nooks in her room.  In hindsight, I guess we could have made the wall (that divides the two bedrooms) go straight back to the wall, instead of creating that nook, and that way Alex's room would have a nook, and so each kid would have a nook and everything would be fair and right with the world.

But we didn't.  Oh well.  Alex is already so tall he'd probably keep hitting his head on the slanted ceiling part anyway.


And there's the other nook, on the right…and Julia's closet, and the doorway, and out through the door, on the left, you can see into Alex's room a little bit.

We're planning to leave all that junk in the middle of her room forever, so she never forgets all the hard work that went into this bedroom.  It's important for kids to be grateful and indebted to you for life. 



Okay, now the fun part.  Ha.

Here's where the wall to our original closet USED to be, and the doorway to our original bedroom USED to be.  Bill's pulled up some of the hardwood boards in preparation to fill in the gaps that showed up when the whole doorways/walls/closets transformation took place.

It's amazing how long ago that part seems.  I think it's going on twenty years now.  We've been joint compounding and sanding all that time….

Anyway, I wanted to take a few pictures as Bill started this part of the project.


This is the view from inside Julia's room, looking down.  Bill has pulled up the boards that ran across this area but stopped short of the new wall he and Joe put in to the right there.  (It's the wall of Julia's closet.)


And there's my intrepid husband, sawing a board.  You can smell the sawdust, can't you?  I know I can.



Here is just one shot of Julia's room after I finished priming yesterday morning.  Now that I think about it, I'd done the first coat of primer after I took those other pictures that appear at the top of this post, but didn't take a picture after that.  I'm slacking.

Anyway, at the moment, the whole room is white and primed and ready to go, except for one little spot on the ceiling.  Bill had been carrying the bundle of all the pieces of hardwood flooring that he'd bought, and I guess he wacked the ceiling with one of the boards.  It dented the joint compound.  So yesterday I patched it first thing, but it has to dry for 24 hours, so I had to prime around it.

Oh, the hilarity of it all.


And I took this picture this morning.  Bill has got the floorboards IN, and he used wood putty to take care of any little imperfections and gaps.


He'll sand that down after work today, and then it's ready to go.  Pretty amazing, huh? 

Anyway, the rest of the schedule looks like this:


Me – paint paint paint paint paint.

Him – sand sand sand sand sand.


Me – Finish painting, then start moving EVERYTHING downstairs in preparation for Thursday.

Him – Put tools away.  Help move stuff downstairs.


Both of us:  Move the rest of everything downstairs except, probably, the beds.

Me:  Plan and pack for our self-imposed exile from the house. 

Him:  Drink beer and belch. 

I'M KIDDING!  He'll do other stuff, too, I'm sure.  He has to sand the floor along the perimeter of all the rooms and closets.  And get beer brewing stuff prepped as well, because on Thursday, not only will the floors get sanded and first coat of polyurethane applied, but BEFORE all that, he's brewing beer with the friend who has the sander.  And there may be other beer brewing attendees, as well, I think.  But anyway, he'll probably also grind grain and get the brew pots set up and ready to go, because he'll be up at the crack of dawn to start heating the water.

Anyway, Thursday will be a crazy day, I'm sure, and will close with the start of our nomadic existence. 

I wonder if nomads have internet access….


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