Okay, so I was looking through some posts from ages ago that are still in the "draft" stage (which could become the "delete" stage, at least in some cases…

I came across this little selection of quotes, which I imagine I'd planned to turn into an amusing post about my kids. 

Well, that was about a year and a half ago.

I have no desire to write anything more to flesh these out, other than I started the post in September, 2008, which was hurricane season……..


Alex:  "Guess what Mom.  Today (he meant yesterday) we learned all about hurricanes."

Julia:  "Alex, there's no such thing as hurricanes in North America."


Alex:  "Scientists will call you and tell you when there's a hurricane."


Alex:  "…and also, you can mostly always have hurricanes if you live near the ocean.  It's very dangerous to live near the ocean."


Alex:  "Julia, you should always trust me, there is such thing as hurricanes."


Alex:  "I also saw a hurricane picture where there was a lonely house out inside the water.  And also julia, imagine if we had a hurricane and a fire at the same time.  sometimes that can happen."


Alex:  "and also Julia guess what, i hate to bust your beetlers (??), but we're having a small hurricane right now."

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