Happy St. Patrick’s Day…I Think

Yesterday when I picked Julia up from school, she had a big mostly-green construction-paper creation in her hands, which she promptly handed off to me so she could run around for a bit on the playground.  It was a leprechaun, that I knew.  I didn't really get a good look at him, though, until later when we were home and I had dug out some tape to hang Mr. Leprechaun on the pantry door.  (That's where the artwork goes.)  I pressed little loops of tape to the back of the paper plate head, the green construction paper body, and on the backs of his black shoes and yellow mittens.  (Well, it is still chilly in the mornings, I guess.)

And then I turned him over and stuck him on the door. 

And for a moment, Mr. Leprechaun and I were just about face to face.


Is it just me, or does he seem to be a very angry leprechaun?  With lots of dark stubble on his face, in addition to his asymmetrical orange beard.  Maybe that's why he's angry.  I asked Julia about that later, and she said he's angry "cuz I get his pot of gold."  Oh, and she's looking at the picture right now and she corrected my earlier assumption.  That's not stubble, those are his freckles.  Duh. 

Oh, and while we're checking out details…see the red thing in his mouth?

I overheard her pointing it out to Alex yesterday.

"That's his uvula," she said.  She loves the uvula.  Adores uvulae.  And so she made sure to include it in this picture because, as both kids have reminded me over the years, their kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Z, lives for detail.

I hope that, if you should happen to bump into a leprechaun today, that he's a bit happier than this one. 


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