I'm not sleeping well.  I have a lot on my mind.  And I've been drinking iced coffee too late in the day, in the hopes that it will keep me motivated to stay up late and Accomplish Things.  And it doesn't.  Or hasn't.  It gets to be around ten and my eyes are just tired.  I long to shut my brain off and go horizontal for a while.  And so I go up to bed, and maybe read a bit, and say goodnight, and shut off the light...and the stuff in my brain just keeps churning.

Mixtures, Blends, Sauces and Condiments

Red Thai Curry Paste II

We really like Red Thai Curry. 

We've been making batches of Red Thai Curry Paste for years now - we freeze it in ice cube trays and use it whenever we've got a craving for complex flavor coupled with scorching heat.

I wrote about this, my favorite "color" of the various Thai curries, nearly two years ago.  In that post, we'd made a batch and used some of it to make fish tacos.  I only posted the curry paste recipe, not one for fish tacos per se.  But you can wing that yourself, I bet.

Anyway, we've made plenty more red curry paste since that last post, and we've kind of tweaked it a bit (and continue to do so each time we make it), and so I thought I'd write about it again, and this time, I've got pictures.  Lots of them. 

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Feedback on the Forty (okay, Thirty-Seven) and a Biscotti Recipe

Last night was the Pasta dinner fundraiser for my husband's students.  You know, the one I baked some cookies for.  According to all reports, the whole night was a huge success; lots of tickets sold, lots of raffle tickets sold, lots of pasta consumed, etc.  The kids and I arrived a bit early, intending to help set up if needed, but all the parent volunteers had already taken care of that, so we just hung out...looked at the stuff on the raffle table...the kids played tag with one of my husband's students. 


Weekend Recap

Amazing as it may seem, my weekend did not consist solely of cookie-baking-related activities

On Saturday, in fact, I didn't do any baking at all.  We had an appointment with our accountant to have our taxes done, and before that, we stopped at Em's house to drop off the kids, return some of Joe's tools (which Bill had been using during the whole bedroom extravaganza over the summer), and, best of all, to see the babies.