Weekend Recap

Amazing as it may seem, my weekend did not consist solely of cookie-baking-related activities

On Saturday, in fact, I didn't do any baking at all.  We had an appointment with our accountant to have our taxes done, and before that, we stopped at Em's house to drop off the kids, return some of Joe's tools (which Bill had been using during the whole bedroom extravaganza over the summer), and, best of all, to see the babies.


These four are the older chicks – they were born near the beginning of February, I believe.


Two are Rhode Island Reds (the two that are the same reddish color), and the other two are Americauna.

These next two babies are younger.  One is an Australorp (the bigger one) and the other looks like a Barred Rock.  Aren't they cute???

 And Saturday night was the father-daughter Sweetheart dance at the elementary school.

Julia had been looking forward to this for weeks.  On Friday we went shopping for a dress, shoes, and hair accessories.

Here are a few shots I took before the dance.

Julia picked out pale blue shimmery nail polish for her toes, and a pale shimmery pink for her fingers.  She looked quite put together.


Not a whole lot of actual dancing took place, Bill said.  Julia spent most of the time running around with all her little friends, and eating cookies and pizza and more cookies and olives (yes, olives) and more cookies.  The dads hung out and talked.


All in all not a bad evening.  They returned home a little after eight.  Julia was wiped out.


And then on Sunday, my sister came up and gave Alex a haircut – his "summer cut, which transformed him from this:

to the boy in this picture:

 After the haircut, the kids and Bill worked outside in the gardens, while I…well…you know by now…I baked some cookies.
And now that it's Monday morning, it's time to bake a few more.  A few more dozen, that is. 

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  1. Yes! I believe its a Mahalo brand ukelele. Its quite indestructable, which is why we got it for her two years ago. Shes sinced moved up to a half-size guitar, but she likes the pink ukelele for photos.

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