What’s in a Name?

I was sitting with Julia last night.  The kids were watching something on Nickelodeon. 

A commercial came on. 

I think it was an ad for a CD featuring popular young (tween/early teen) singers, most of whom I'd never heard of.


I recognized this one boy, though.  Medium blond hair, all of it carefully brushed forward, so his face is completely encircled with the ends of every strand of hair on his head. 

I'm not sure why that is appealing, but I don't know much about such things. 

I'm probably too old to understand, anyway.

Anyway, while he was singing there on the tv, a sweet, soulful expression on what I could see of his face, surrounded as it was by that reverse-mane fringe of hair, Julia said, in a tone of voice older than her not-yet-six years, "That's Justin (mumblemumble).  He's cute." 

I leaned closer.  "Who did you say that was?" 

She tilted her chin up a bit, so she could send the words up toward me without removing her eyes from the tv screen.

"That's Justin BEAVER!"

5 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. I am ashamed to admit I had to:

    a) look up who this might have been
    b) think about why this was funny…

    D’Oh.. I’m getting old…:((

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