Almost-the-Weekend Update

First, in case you were wondering, my basement is dry.  We were so lucky.  All the flooding and home evacuations and submerged vehicles and complete loss did not happen to us.  We were so lucky.

The kids' school was closed, though, because the sewage treatment center for our area was broken and underwater, so they were asking everyone to conserve water by not doing laundry, running the dishwasher – or flushing the toilet unless absolutely necessary.  But we can flush now, so our minescule hardship is at an end.

The Warwick Mall, probably a mile, at most, from where I am, is flooded.  The parking lot a lake with oil slicks and the roofs of submerged cars.  I-95 was flooded nearby as well, and reopened yesterday after being shut down for a couple of days.  So much flooding, so much devastation, so much loss. 

Today I've got to clean the house, as we've got a play date scheduled for later today.  And I've got some baking to do, and maybe a batch of mozzarella…we'll see.

Back to normal for us.  So lucky.  So lucky.

6 thoughts on “Almost-the-Weekend Update

  1. good. i was so worried about you. love you.
    (and, btw…the photo this month is beautiful.)

  2. I’m glad to hear you are OK. I was watching the news and wondering if you were flooded. The photos were grim and the rising waters were just CRAZY! These storms we’ve had in March wreaked HAVOK! I live in NJ – but thankfully on a hill — but still the uprooted trees, the rain, the water was still running off the mountain yesterday into all the storm drains and the rain had stopped 2 days ago! Glad to hear you are all fine!

  3. I had wondered how you all were holding up. Hubby has always been really good at finding us high ground to live on. He looks for radio towers and then tries to set us up within two miles of them. We’ve never had to worry about flooding.

  4. I was wondering! I live in Quincy, and we got flooded last time, but fortunately the stream did not overflow this time. Lots of other basements on our street still flooded, however, we just got lucky that our pump held up.

  5. I’m glad you weren’t directly effected by the flooding!

    Also love the header picture for this month!

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