Carving a Space

On Saturday, at some point, though I am having a hard time remembering now.  Maybe it was Friday.  I don't know.  I should check the picture file.  Hang on…

Okay, yes, it was on and off on Saturday.  Aren't you relieved to have that straightened out?

Anyway, on Saturday, I came fairly close to reorganizing my work area in the basement. 


First, I took ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the fabric I have out of the big huge Rubbermade totes and – wait for it – organized it all by color.  Though not entirely to my satisfaction, due to all the possible subcategories.  But for now, this will work. 

Here's the mess I made:

Scary, huh?

Then I went ahead and put all the solid white and off-white fabric in one tote.  Which made space available for me to move some of the other piles around and…take pictures of them.  (Who is this person?)

Although…now that I look at the picture, what's all that white-looking stuff in the back?  Maybe I hadn't gotten to that part yet. 

Well, no matter.  Here, next, is a blurry, poorly-lit shot of my tote with the white and off-white fabric in it.  Try to contain your excitement.

Next up, a photo of lots of colorful spools of thread on a rack that now hangs precariously from the side of a bookcase. 


Impressive, my organizational skills are, aren't they!

If you look off to the right in that picture, you can see a bunch of pictures of Alex when he was just a baby.  From the top:  Him in his first baby carrier/car seat/stroller combo, and dangling from the handle is "Occy" the five-legged octopus – his first favorite toy.  Next picture, Alex in the tub.  Look at his cute little round head.  Sigh.  And below that, Alex in his first Halloween costume – he was a Peapod.  The costume was basically a bag-like sleeper thing, and to take him out trick-or-treating outside of our neighborhood, we (I) had to cut a hole in the costume so we could buckle him safely in his car seat.  You know how the strap comes up between the legs and then becomes  Y and goes over the shoulders?  Yeah, those safety straps weren't designed for peapods.  Below that, I think, is probably a picture of Alex sitting on Bill, who was lying on the floor.  And I think Blur, back in her happier days as an only cat, was in the picture and Alex is pointing at her. 

So, yep.  That was a recent project.  I'll have to take a picture of what it looks like now that it's all neat and orderly.  I ended up just grouping "like fabrics" in the totes.  For now.  Some day I'd like to not have to store it all under the work table, but for now, this is workable.

That's it for the moment.  Gotta run.  Or trot.  Or walk briskly.  Or take the truck.

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