Meet Rosa

She's a week-old Golden Comet, which is a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Rhode Island White.  She and three of her sisters were recently adopted by a friend of mine.  Well, the sisters were adopted, but Rosa is ours.  She's going to be a foster chick. 

She'll stay with her sisters, because we don't have a coop or a place to put one, and we'll contribute toward food and upkeep.  And eventually, probably early fall, she'll give us eggs!  Yay!

She's so cute, as are her sisters. 


In case you're wondering, Rosa is the one on the far right.  The kids named her, by the way.  I told them they could pick the name, and after the requisite bunch of silly (Edward) (Bob) and gross (Poop) names, Alex came up with Rosa, Julia agreed, and I approved it.  (And no, Bill has no say in chicken naming until he stops reaching for a jar of barbecue sauce any time the topic of backyard chickens comes up.)

Golden Comets are great layers, they are tolerant of the cold, and they play well with others.  And look how cute the chicks are!!!!!!!!!!!


….ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…I really want my own chickens…in my own yard….maybe someday….

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