Pre-Easter Busyness

* Hung out a load of laundry this morning.  I don't know why I love doing that so much, but I do.  It's not a chore at all.

* Bill's brewing a big batch of beer with his friend, John.  But that's outside, so I have the kitchen for me.

* Hardboiled some white eggs this mornign (a little too long – no idea how long they were boiling – I was outside hanging socks on the line and communing with nature and completely forgot the eggs were on the stove.  After the eggs were cooled, I had the kids crack the shells a bit and pick out food coloring.  At this moment, the eggs are all soaking in the mugs and bowls of colored water.  I also kept two eggs for myself, so I could mess around with them, designwise and colorwise.  I'll post pictures of them later.

* I was planning (earlier in the week) to make Hot Cross Buns yesterday, but I didn't get to them, and so I'm switching gears and I'm making Choereg, or Choreg, an Armenian sweetbread, which I've never made before, but so far it smells really good.  I'll post all that later today, hopefully.

* Last night I made brownies with Alex in mind – he has recently discovered the joy and rapture that accompanies the consumption of either Mounds or Almond Joy bars, and I decided to translate that fabulousness to brownie form.  I'm fairly pleased with the results.  Need to upload those photos and write up the recipe, I know.

* Tomorrow we'll be heading to my cousin's house for brunch, as we do every Easter.  They have an easter egg hunt for the kids (it's dwindled down to 3 young kids – so I'm not sure how many more years they plan to do this portion), and then LOTS of really good food.  My cousin's wife is a phenomenal cook and, like me and a lot of people who cook well and like to cook, she also tends to make enough food to feed a small country.  I've been asked to bring a coffee cake, something like this one, but I don't have pears, I have apples, so it will be slightly different.

* For lunch yesterday Bill made a red curry seafood dish, which we had over rice.  The kids just had some grilled swordfish and sea scallops.  I love red curry.  I think I could eat red curry dishes every day and be perfectly content.  Well, okay, maybe not forever, but it would take me a long time to get sick of it.

* Hmmmmm…I should make some sandwich bread today, too, since we're nearly out of it.  Hm.  Maybe.  I don't know.  I'm feeling lazy about it.  Maybe I'll make it tomorrow night.  Or Monday.

* Gotta go wash a few dishes now.   I hope you're having a lovely day!

3 thoughts on “Pre-Easter Busyness

  1. a) did you make the eggs ok? do we get to see them?
    b) did you make the bread?
    c) I hung out washing yesterday too (like it too, nice to match all the corners up…) but then it rained so it all came back in again!! boooo

  2. The kids did the eggs, but Ive already tossed them. They came out okay, but by the end of the day yesterday I was just in a mood to toss things. And I hadnt refrigerated them, so they werent even edible. Bad me.

    I did make the bread – that will be in a post soon. Very pleased with that, at least!

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