Rosa Update

We went over to visit Rosa and her sisters yesterday.  They've grown bigger, and are starting to sprout real feathers here and there.  Rosa's are on her tail so far.


We can still tell them apart, which is good, and their different personalities are beginning to emerge.  Apparently Rosa is rather vocal and spunky.  Kind of like Julia only smaller and fluffier.

Bill, Alex and I held Rosa at various times during the visit, and while she would squawk and fidget at first, she calmed down when her soft little head was stroked, so blissful that she'd shut her eyes and just soak up the love.  When I was holding her at one point, and she was relaxed, eyes shutting and then suddenly opening, like you do when you're dozing off on the couch and you suddenly wake up, it felt like she was vibrating in my hand.  It reminded me of cats purring, and while it was too noisy around us to really hear any purring from such a small creature, it really seemed like she might be. 

Here she is, below, relaxing in Bill's protective hands.

As it turns out, chickens DO sort of purr.  Rosa's foster mom sent me this link:

So there's that to look forward to, in addition to eggs!

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