Thank You!!

Walk MS: 2010 in Narragansett was yesterday.  The weather was varied – cold, drizzly, then sunny for a while, and then overcast and chilly again.  Crazy.  Typical New England spring weather.  And at least there was no downpour, though I was ready for that, too. 

I want to thank those of you who donated to this very worthy cause.  Some of you left comments here, some of you didn't.  Regardless, I want to acknowledge your generosity…so, thank you to:

femmelasoleil of Adventures in the Apartment Kitchen

Loretta K.

Amy Pritchard

Gail P.

Abbi from Wisconsin

Veronica H.

Mom (mine)


And the winner (I wrote the names on slips of paper, crumpled them up, and had Alex pick one) of the giveaway is…


Congratulations, Abbi!  And thanks again for donating to Walk:  MS 2010!

Just shoot me an email – jayne (at) barefootkitchenwitch (dot) com and let me know what you'd prefer – the cookbook or a basket of homemade and handmade goodies from me.  Please also include a shipping address!

Thanks again, everyone!!


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