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TWD – Chockablock Cookies


This week's TWD monster cookie recipe was chosen by Mary of Popsicles and Sandy Feet, and you can find it on page 86 of Dorie's Baking:  From My Home to Yours.  You know, every now and then I feel like I should just bow out gracefully from the Tuesdays with Dorie gang, citing my lack of regular posting.  I don't think I've done more than 2 recipes per month in ages.  Lots of reasons, lots of excuses, good days, bad days, and so on.  But then I bake something and participate and feel a part of a community and I think okay, I can do this.  I really don't want to quit.

Especially when we get to bake fabulous cookies like these.

I knew right away I had to double the recipe, and that these would be a huge hit with everyone in my household.  And I was right.

I made some changes to the ingredients – I used a combination of white chips, dark chips, and mini.  I used golden raisins.  And I used raw, mixed nuts, because I couldn't decide on just one kind.

Oh, and I only had half the molasses I needed, so I used corn syrup for the other half.  It was what I had, and I didn't want to go back to the store.  I was tempted to use honey, but then we'd be out of our last jar of local honey, so I couldn't.
I creamed the butter and shortening and sugar…


Added the molasses and corn syrup…

And the eggs…
And the oats…


And the dry ingredients…

And then I scraped that mixture onto the big bowl of chips and nuts and raisins and coconut.
It's a nice, wide bowl, so it's a lot easier to incorporate everything in there than in the straight-sided KA mixer bowl.

And I used an ice cream scoop to dole out the cookies.  Part of me wanted to go smaller, just so there would be MORE of them.  But some inner voice said not to, and I'm glad I listened.  They seem to NEED to be big, since there's so much stuff packed into them all. 


Mine baked for the full 18 minutes…


And just as they were starting to come out of the oven, my kids showed up with one of the kids from across the street, and they all wanted cookies.  Imagine that!  So I poured them a round of milk and passed out the cookies.  Later I sent some across the street as well.  It's nice to share.  And it keeps me from eating everything myself.

And there were still plenty left.  In fact…let's see…I baked these when…Friday?  Yes.  And it's Tuesday now, and we still have some left.  They're big, hearty cookies, these are, so they aren't eaten quite as quickly as smaller, thinner cookies.  I can have just one and be content.  Which is just plain bizarre, but there you have it. 

So many thanks to Mary for choosing this recipe – what a winner!  Be sure to visit her blog not only to get the recipe, but because she made 6 different batches, using a wide assortment of chip/nut/fruit combinations, and they all make me want to make these cookies again, and again, and again, with whatever combinations I can come up with. 

And check out the comments section here to see what the other TWD gang came up with.  You won't be sorry, and you will be hungry.


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  1. Best. Post. Ever. I love the idea that they are monster cookies. Thanks so much for baking along with me this week!

  2. Your ginormous cookies rock! I always love reading your blog, so am super happy that you baked along with TWD this week Jayne!

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