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Casualty of Cheese

Remember I mentioned the crash during the pressing part of my Stirred-Curd Cheddar post?

The second crash, I mean.  The one that happened in my pantry, when part (most) of 50 lbs of weight fell off the curds and amazingly didn't break anything?  Yeah.  Well, no glass was shattered, but, sadly, there was still damage done.

This is/was my 10" square cake pan.  It was on top of some stuff down near the floor of the pantry, and there was other stuff on top of it, so I didn't notice the damage right away.  Not til I was looking for several of my larger cake pans the other day and found it. 

I'll see if I can restore it in some way. 

But still. 

One cake pan is a small price to pay for cheese, I think.

And I also think it's high time I reorganized cleaned the pantry. 

One thought on “Casualty of Cheese

  1. I have lots of pans like that… LOL I just bash down the corner, but it bounces up again!! I get used to that Boing noise in the oven as it warps back again. 🙂

    Never mind, the cakes still taste alright.

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