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Our Geographically Challenged Cinco De Mayo Dinner

Yeah, we're rule breakers. 


We'd also had tacos the day before.  So instead of something Mexican, food-wise, we went Thai, in part.

Actually here's what we had for dinner last night:  

Broccolie Rabe (from the garden) sauteed in a bit of bacon fat with minced garlic and a bit of salt.

Radish Salad (radishes from the garden)


Grilled Shrimp – two ways.  We coated about a third of them with some all-purpose dry rub Bill made for grilling steaks or making beer can chicken and skewered them.  That was for the kids.  For the rest of the shrimp we thawed one cube from our stockpile of Red Thai Curry Paste, mixed that with a little vegetable oil, and slathered that on the rest of the skewered shrimp.


I also took two more cubes of the curry paste, melted them in a pot, added some fish sauce, about half a cup of coconut milk, and then, right before serving, I squeezed in some lime juice and added some fresh (from the garden) chopped cilantro.  We poured that over our shrimp and couscous.

Oh, and, since it was Cinco de Mayo, Bill made Margaritas.

So, what did you have for dinner last night?

7 thoughts on “Our Geographically Challenged Cinco De Mayo Dinner

  1. French onion soup made with cheese, bread & onions from our farmer’s market, salad of miner’s lettuce, red leaf lettuce (both FM), kumquats, cuke and a fabulous homemade cherry balsamic dressing. The only part from my yard was some chives…

  2. oh it’s just not faaaaiiiirrrrr…

    that amount of shrimp would set me back a week’s wages over here… and I love love love them..

    No, I’m serious, it would be £4 for about 10 of that size..and that’s just the ordinary ones in the supermarket.

    (mutter mutter grumble grumble.. not fair.. grumble…)

  3. Im sorry!! Dont be sad – they were…um…really really tiny and…we overcooked them. Yes! And the whole meal was horrible, actually. Well never make such a horrendous mistake again, buying shrimp like that.

    Did that help? Even a tiny bit?

  4. Well since I’m reading this a day late and we celebrated cinco de mayo on the seis, we had fajhitas. But, we have fajhitas at least once a month and we’re not celebrating anything, it’s just a Texas thing.

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