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Weekend Recap and Broccoli Rabe

I was going to write about the Jalapeno Cheddar I made last weekend, but I started babbling on about other things, so I'll save that for later today.  I know, it's becoming "The Barefoot Cheese Witch" around here.  Can't help it. 

Actually, it was a pretty busy weekend, and it flew by incredibly fast, and I don't think very much of it had to do with food of any kind.  Well...I helped out in the snack bar during my son's baseball game, but that doesn't really count.  Didn't even get to run the grill, either, this time.  I was on the register.  Sigh.

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Whey Breads


Last month I made a batch of chèvre, and with the leftover whey, I made a batch of bread.

Since then I've made several batches of bread with leftover whey, either from goat's milk or cow's milk, and I've had great results every time.  

The main thing to remember, I've learned, is that if you're going to make bread with whey, it needs to be whey from cheeses made with a bacterial culture, not an acid.  That's right - not all whey is the same.