Almost There

It's so hectic this month – not just with Alex's birthday cake to create, but with all the end-of-the-school-year stuff going on for my kids AND my husband.  Not to mention food-related activities that I haven't had time to write up…things like…we're brining pork bellies so we can make bacon…I need to make a goats milk cheddar soon…I made cheese curds (and french fries and gravy) for poutine recently…I also finally made my fresh and mesophilic starters…our garden is doing incredibly well (knock wood) – we've got zucchini ripening now, for example. 

Julia's got another wiggly tooth…Alex hit two doubles in last night's baseball game…I'm making two big cakes for an event this week, which I'll tell you about after it's all finished…and soon we'll be starting on this year's house project – painting the outsides of the house and garage.  I'm very excited about that – looking forward to a new color.  Not 100% sure yet what that color will be, but I'll be deciding soon.

The other day I was taking the bowl of leftover barbecue sauce out of the fridge so I could reheat some and serve it with the remaining ribs from Alex's party.  I removed the plastic covered bowl from the top shelf and put it on the counter, and here's what I saw.

And the next morning, when I went outside to move the trash bin down to the curb, I saw some dried, twisty sage leaves on the ground.

Just thought I'd share those two images with you all.

Gotta run – one giant cake layer will be coming out of the oven soon and I have to clear some space somewhere for it to cool.

Oh, and in case you need a laugh (and who doesn't?)…

Julia got a Polly Pocket doll and little house thing for her birthday.  She's never had one before, and never expressed much interest in one, either, although apparently she was pining away for one in tortured (and uncharacteristic) silence, because she told me yesterday that she'd ALWAYS WANTED ONE!!!!

Anyway, Polly Pocket disassembles.  Her legs and her lower torso come off and come apart into four pieces – leg, leg, front, and back of the pelvic region.  The front and back hold the legs in place and hold them to the upper torso.  All of these things are TINY.  After all, she's Polly POCKET, not Polly SEQUOIA TREE TRUNK.

Anyway, for whatever reason – ease of wardrobe changes, I suppose – Polly's lower anatomy comes apart a little too easily.  And like I said, these parts are very small and, of course, easily lost.

So yesterday morning I was upstairs in the kitchen or somewhere, doing something, and Julia was downstairs.  She called to me – "Mom!  Come see!"

So I went downstairs, sort of afraid of what there was to see, and I saw – to my horror – every toy on the three-level shelf (actually the old changing table) ON THE FLOOR.  That's a lot of stuff, people.

I just sort of moaned, "Oh…Julia…"

And she told me,

by way of explanation,

"I was looking for Polly Pocket's bum!"


Have a great weekend!

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