Posting Will Be (and, yes, has been) Light

We're painting today!  One side of the house, anyway.

The days have been packed with house-related activity – scraping old paint off the shingles and clapboard, replacing shingles, priming, and now, we get to do some painting.  All that plus the other normal stuff – laundry, dishes, feed the family, pay a bit of attention to the kids, feed the pets, pick whatever's ripe in the gardens, and so on.

We went fishing on Monday – I started a post about that but haven't had time to finish it.  We caught 8 scup, ate some as sushi for lunch that day and made a chowder with the rest yesterday.

I've been picking squash blossoms and stuffing them with goat cheese.

We're picking several zucchini a day and the pattypans have also begun to ripen.  Yesterday for lunch Bill and I had sandwiches that included rounds of pattypan and sliced onions caramelized in a bit of butter and some blueberry balsamic vinegar.  To those we added goat cheese (homemade), cheddar and ham.  Yum.

I'm planning to make a bunch of compound butters with all the herbs we've got.  Haven't done it in the past and I don't know why – it makes so much sense.

Um….tomatoes are starting to get red – yay!

I don't know when I'll have a chance to make another batch of cheddar or other hard cheese – just no chance to devote a whole day to that.  I'll probably stick with the soft cheeses through the summer. 

Here's a picture of a dragonfly I shot the other day.  I didn't shoot the dragonfly.  I shot the picture.  Just so we're clear.  He/she seemed happy to pose – I actually took a ton of pictures, but don't have time to post more than one right now.  Bill's got the ladder out and I should eat some breakfast and get to work.

But here's the dragonfly:

I'll be back when I can!

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