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Radish Salad

I just think this salad is so pretty.

We planted radishes this year.  I remember being allowed to plant radishes when I was little – it was my crop – probably because they came up so quickly and, you know, relatively instant gratification is big to a child.

Anyway, we planted them this year, and when the first batch became harvestable, Bill started looking for radish recipes. 

This salad is an adaptation of one he found in our slim Book of Curries and Indian Foods, published by HP Books.  The original recipe calls for white and red radishes, but since the inside of a red radish IS white, you're not missing out on anything, color-wise, if you only have red radishes.

In Bill's version, he used about 14 radishes, sliced thinly and arranged prettily on a plate.  Over that he added shredded carrot (the first one from the garden this year), about a tablespoon of chopped cilantro, a small red chile pepper, seeded and sliced, a scallion (garden), and then he drizzled the whole thing with lime juice, salt and pepper.

And he also garnished the plate with a couple of whole radishes and some large cilantro leaves, because he's really attentive to things like that (and I, sadly, am not always). 

This salad's got some heat, and of course you can play around with the proportions and even the ingredients to suit yourself. 

So far it's my favorite reason for growing radishes. 

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