Telephone Poles

So last night, after a day of finishing the shingling on the front of the house (morning)...

(and yes, I worked on it, too.  But I can't take pictures and nail shingles at the same time.  Bill hammered in the last few and I took the pictures.)

...and then some painting (yay!  Non-humid weather!)...and of course, meals and paying bits of attention to the kids, and doing the dishes...I went off and bought myself some of those ear things for my ipod that loop around your ears.  I was planning, yes PLANNING, to go for another walk in the morning and I wanted the ear things to stay IN MY EARS if I decided to throw caution to the wind and become a casual gazelle again.


Hey, Hey, HEY!

So I'm out the door at 6 this morning, door key laced to my left sneaker (I alternate, so one foot doesn't feel loved less than the other), hit "shuffle" on my ipod, and off I went.

It was muggy already.  Clear and beautiful after last night's torrential rain and beautiful thunderstorms, but muggy. 

Down the road I went, walking at a good pace, enjoying the slight breeze that drifted by every now and then.

About a half mile into it, it started. 



Yesterday was hot but much less humid, so we were FINALLY able to paint again. 

Bill primed the remaining large section on one side of the house (the side where he first had to remove and replace 93 of the shingles), and he also primed the two triangular sections on either side of the dormer.  I put the third coat of paint on parts of the lower half of the back of the house.  I painted the lowest row of shingles and all the area around where the deck rail butts up against the house, and along the deck itself, and around the windows, and one entire section near the kitchen because this huge concrete platform Bill uses in his beer brewing is over there and it's hard to use the sprayer.  So it's easier if I just do it with the brush.

I've discovered that I'm able to go up higher on the ladders now. 

Home Improvement

Dill Butter

We grew a LOT of dill this year. 

I'm not even that nuts about it, really.  It's Bill who loves dill.  (Sorry, couldn't resist the rhyme.)

Well, one day recently (I've lost track of time) I decided to pick a bunch of dill and make a compound butter with it, as a way of preserving it. 


A View From Above

Yeah, so last week I went way up high on a ladder, right alongside Bill on another ladder, to help him replace the rotting boards behind the gutter on the back of our house.

After spending the first trip up hugging the ladder with arms, legs, and brain power, (except that I needed one OR BOTH hands free at times to hold the board in place, so I just had to use brain power and hug the rungs with my toes), I began to relax a bit, by fractions of degrees.