One Decade

In my last post - a happy birthday to my niece, Natalie - I included a few pictures from my wedding.  She was my flower girl.  She had just turned five, two days before the wedding.

So that makes today my wedding anniversary.

Hard to believe it's ten years.  Thirteen, if you go by the year we met and started dating. 

I don't even know what I want to write as I'm typing this.



One:  Generosity.

I, like most other bloggers, I think, have been fortunate enough to meet - if only online - all sorts of wonderful people.  It's a good medium for me, actually.  I was rather shy as a child, and I still am not one to enter a room of strangers and become friends with them all instantly.  I am approachable, I think, but I hesitate to approach.  Unfortunate, I know, and I've no doubt missed out on all sorts of wonderful relationships and experiences as a result, but, well, the past is the past and there's no point in regrets.

Anyway, one of these wonderful people is a woman out in Texas named Judith.