Recurring Theme

If you read this post the other day, you may recall that a bunny showed up in our yard – and quickly ran out of our yard and into the neighbor's yard when Bill went looking for it.

Well, later that day, while we were driving to a friend's house, a car passed us and the license plate read "ABUNNY."  I thought that was cool and interesting and coincidental, and I pointed it out to Bill, and he agreed, and that was that.

And then, later still, we saw this in our friend's yard:

I know, nice shot.  Here's the other one I got:

I know, not much better.

But here, through the magic of imaging software…

And that's the end of my short tail. 




It's all I've got today. 

Or, rather, all I've got time for this morning.  Need to get back out there and sand shingles.  It's only in the upper 80s now – nice and chilly – so it's the perfect time to get things done! 

Maybe later I'll post a picture of me wearing my dust mask and hat. 

Yeah, you can't wait, can you?

3 thoughts on “Recurring Theme

  1. At least you can see your bunny.
    Our sand mound looks like a jungle because my sig. other doesn’t weedwack there.
    It’s full of bunny nests.
    It’s so bad I expect monkeys to leap out of there any minute. ;>)

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