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Sweaty Palms, Butterflies, and Tingling Sensations

But not like when we were first dating.

These are different.

(Mom, you might not like these pictures.)

This morning, just a little while ago, Bill went up on the roof to check out the condition of the shingles and frames way up there.  And to have a look at the angle of the roof to the side of the dormered section. 


It's kinda steep.


He didn't do much else – it rained last night (oh, how nice that was!) and so everything's still wet and slippery. 


But he's thinking he'll nail in a board or two across the slanty part, you know, so he doesn't slip and fall on the concrete below. 


I'm very glad he decided that.

I held the ladder for him because it's kind of tricky to get back onto the ladder from the roof, especially since the ladder is just leaning against the gutter.

No pictures of that.  I needed both hands to get a good, white-knuckled grip on the ladder.

So anyway, that's a bit of an update on the house for you.  We've got some painted, as you can see, but we're in a very humid stretch of weather, with thunderstorms and showers forecast for, oh, FOREVER, so who knows when we'll be able to do more painting.  There's still plenty of other stuff to do, so we're not just sitting around twiddling our thumbs.  But still.  It would be nice to paint where we can.

Patience, grasshopper.

There's really no other choice.


One thought on “Sweaty Palms, Butterflies, and Tingling Sensations

  1. Jayne,
    You would not see me up on the roof.Don’t like heights!
    That looked pretty scary!!
    The house looks great.

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