Telephone Poles

So last night, after a day of finishing the shingling on the front of the house (morning)…

(and yes, I worked on it, too.  But I can't take pictures and nail shingles at the same time.  Bill hammered in the last few and I took the pictures.)

…and then some painting (yay!  Non-humid weather!)…and of course, meals and paying bits of attention to the kids, and doing the dishes…I went off and bought myself some of those ear things for my ipod that loop around your ears.  I was planning, yes PLANNING, to go for another walk in the morning and I wanted the ear things to stay IN MY EARS if I decided to throw caution to the wind and become a casual gazelle again.


I ended up getting these –

– they were the cheapest least expensive ones they had at Target.  I figured that it wasn't worth spending a lot if I wasn't 100% sure I was going to be doing this on any kind of regular basis.

I figure if I stick with it, I can reward myself with a better pair later.

So last night I charged up my little ipod and this morning I was up and dressed and out the door – new ear thingies in place – at 5:45. 

They don't fit great.  I don't know, maybe they're fine, maybe they're fitting the way they're supposed to.  What do I know from ear thingies?

But they didn't fall off.

I also discovered that if I (duh) clip my ipod to the waistband of my shorts, rather than carrying it in my hand, there's less whipping of the little cord that runs from said ipod to the ear thingies (and yes, I will persist in referring to them as "ear thingies" and you'll just have to bear with me until I get it out of my system), and therefore the thingies (okay, I'm just about done with it) are less likely to be propelled out of the ears.

Aren't you glad you've got me around to make these exciting scientific breakthroughs so you don't have to?

I thought so.

Anyway, my goal this morning was NOT just to keep music playing evenly and comfortably in my ears.


My other goal was to add more running to my walking. 

And I did. 

I walked about 4-5 minutes (one and a half of the first songs) and then I sort of settled on the idea (at first) of running the distance between three telephone poles.  Like, starting at this pole, run to this one and then this one and then walk.  A friend of mine had said something about running two lengths and then walking six for the beginning of this whole walk to run project. 

But, you know, I'm a rebel.

So I ran two – the last two between-phone-pole lengths, ending at the end of a block – and then walked (or, rather, gasped like a fish on land, and waited for my heart to make the jump back from hyperdrive)…then ran two…walked…and so on.

Then I got to the end of that long street, and turned a corner.  The distance there was about 4 blocks, so I walked one, ran one, walked one, ran one.  Gasp, gasp, gasp.  Then I turned the corner and went back to the last two phone pole lengths plan…sort of.  There's a hill not too far in.  I walked down it (images of myself tripping and falling and rolling were just too vivid) and then ran some on the brief flat part, then walked at the beginning of the incline, then (because I am nutty) ran up most of it.  Gasp gasp gasp hyperventillate gasp gasp, heart beatbeatbeatbeatbeatbeating at oh, 378 beats per second.

And then I finished the rest of the route doing that last-two-lengths-between-phone-poles routine.

And then I was home.


And my ear thingies didn't fall out!


4 thoughts on “Telephone Poles

  1. i’m so proud of you…and jealous, too! i wish i could run: my doc told me i need to consider myself “retired from running”. oh well. i’ve learned to like walking…. keep up the great work: you’ll see yourself building up endurance: you’ll be doing 5k’s in no time.
    love you!

  2. A few years back when I walked at a indoor track (everyone going in the same direction) that circled the top of a basketball court, I would hone in on another walker up ahead in the distance and I’d start playing that ‘dum dum, dum dum, dumdum dumdum’ part of the theme from Jaws in my head until I caught them. One day I passed a ‘victim’ several times when he told me “you should just go ahead and run, because you are just walking way too fast.”

    5K’s now that’s a goal! I just see bleeding knees in my future of running. I would probably fall down a lot.

  3. i had some of those curve round the ear thingies and i hated them…they never would fit well… i got some other kind that fit inside my ear and i love them 🙂


  4. Really? I got these because the ones that just fit in my ear kept slipping or popping out. Maybe I have abnormal ears. Wouldnt surprise me…. 🙂

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