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A Quick Welcome…And Picture or Two

…to those of you who've come over here from DC Rainmaker's site!  I know you came via this post to read about my kids' first triathlon.  Thanks for stopping by!  And thanks, Ray, for the link!


So, as you know if you read my previous post, we've flown to Seattle.  I didn't mention it specifically in that post, but we DID arrive safely and on time.  My sister-in-law picked us up at the airport and we met Bill's brother for lunch near where he works.


We went to a great little Thai restaurant and had a fabulous, fabulous lunch together.

Then Ray went back to work and we all headed back to the house to relax.  The kids dozed in the car, and Bill ended up taking a nap, and then I had one, and later on we had a great salmon dinner – salmon two ways – grilled and smoked – and then…went to bed.  All the travel and time zone changing did us in.  Alex fell asleep on one of the couches, and so we just left him there, covered with a blanket.  I put Julia to bed, and she seemed a little worried about falling asleep in a different bed, so I told her I'd lie down with her until she fell asleep.  She shut her eyes, I rubbed her back, and about 3.4 seconds later she was OUT.

And that was the first day.

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