Alex, Up Early

A few mornings ago I got up around quarter past seven.  On the late side of things for me, but hey, no one has to go back to school yet, so I figure I can lounge around a bit, too.

Anyway, I came downstairs to find Alex draped over the big tan chair in the living room.

He’d been up since six or so, by his estimation.

And he’d been busy.

We have a world map on the coffee table in the living room.  I happened to put it there one day and everyone kind of likes it, so it has stayed.  It’s getting kind of banged up and torn, so it’s not going to last a lot longer, but for now, it’s nice.  We can point to our part of the country and to various other parts of the country, and compare how far away we live from this uncle or that uncle.

Anyway, here’s what our coffee table looked like that morning:


Those are a whole mess of little plastic animals that belong to both kids.

Alex had placed all the animals in their correct geographical habitat locations.

He did this with all his dinosaurs several months ago.

This entertains him.  It makes him happy.

I love this boy.


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