Baby Lucky

So it’s been two weeks, (less about 8 hours) since the kids discovered a baby lizard in the tank of our recently-revealed-as-female Cuban Knight Anole.

We’ve never had to care for (and keep alive) such a young reptile before, and much as I feel silly telling you this, I have knelt by the tank in Alex’s room staring, unblinking, at the baby, watching carefully to be sure he was still breathing.  I think I used to do the same thing when Alex and Julia were babies and they were so deeply asleep that their breathing was slower than when they were awake and hollering cooing.  I am quite certain I kept both children – and now, this baby lizard – alive through the power of my mind.  Okay, maybe not.  But still…this little green baby is causing a resurgence of maternal instincts…and it’s a little weird.

But anyway, he’s doing fine so far.  Wanna see a picture?  Here he is:


Just kidding.  That’s one of Alex’s plastic dinosaurs…one of the tiny ones.  I wonder if Lucky finds this fake dinosaur comforting or terrifying….

But anyway, here’s a real picture of him from this morning:


He’s learning to eat the things Alex finds for him outside (half of a tiny worm, as in the image above – he just gulped the last of it down as I took the picture…half of a tiny grub…other tiny squishy things, and he’s learning to drink water.

Really.  We are, I have learned, after extensive internet research, that baby lizards sometimes might need to be taught to drink drips of water.  We mist the tank anyway, to keep it appropriately humid, and we mist the leaves as well, because that’s how lizards sometimes drink in the wild.  They will also drink the mist as we spray it down from above.  This is what Cricket-Catcher has learned to do.

Lucky, however, doesn’t necessarily know this, so we have been trying to teach him.  Two days ago, Bill took Lucky out of his tank and carefully got him to open his little tiny mouth.  (First, Lucky had to demonstrate his fierceness by puffing out his little tiny dewlap, which you can sort of see in the image below.  Next, Lucky went completely limp and Bill worried for a minute that he’d actually scared the baby lizard to death.  But no, as soon as Lucky was placed back in his tank, he scampered away from Bill’s scary hand.  Phew!)


A bit later, Bill was able to spray a tiny bit of water in Lucky’s mouth.  I think he did that twice.  And Lucky didn’t spit it out.  Yay.

And that’s about all I have to report at the moment.  He’s eating, he’s drinking, and – though I didn’t take a picture of it – he’s pooping.  All the things a healthy baby should be doing. 

Here are a few more pictures from two different photo sessions this morning.  In the first three images, he’s hanging from the screen that covers his tank.

 IMG_5497 IMG_5499 IMG_5500

A little freaky, huh?  But he’s just a baby!  So sweet!  So innocent!

The rest were taken after Alex fed Lucky the half of a tiny worm.  In the last two images, I’m holding a plastic ruler up to the side of the tank, so you can get a bit of an idea of how small he is.

 IMG_5509 IMG_5510  IMG_5512 IMG_5513 IMG_5516


And that’s the update on Lucky.

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