In Which I Interrupt My Own Blogging Schedule…

To let you know that I just talked to Bill (he and Alex, as you may or may not know from my previous post, are currently fishing for salmon in Puget Sound on a charter trip) and Alex has caught two salmon so far, HOWEVER, they are wild, not farm raised, and so apparently the rules are that you throw the wild ones back.  (They clip a notch in a fin on the farm-raised fishies, so you can tell them apart from their wild lookalikes.)  First salmon was 13 lbs, which is HUGE compared to anything Alex has ever reeled in ever in his life, and the next one was 9 lbs.  The boat has also caught 2 sharks.  Everything’s been released so far, which is unfortunate, but still – a 13 pound salmon for an 8-year-old boy?  Not a bad memory.

And the fishing’s not over yet.  It’s not even 9:00 yet here.

There’s still time….

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