If You Are Creeped Out Easily by Pictures of Bugs or Grubs or Other Stuff Like That, Don’t Read All of This Post

Bill and the kids went fishing yesterday and the day before.  It’s been raining for days, sometimes heavy, sometimes just a thick mist.  Whatever the style of precipitation, it hasn’t been painting weather. 

Anyway, they fished for skipjacks, which is the local term for baby bluefish.  They’re fun to fish for because though they’re small, they fight just as hard as the bigger blues when hooked.  Lots of fun to reel in.


Alex, Up Early

A few mornings ago I got up around quarter past seven.  On the late side of things for me, but hey, no one has to go back to school yet, so I figure I can lounge around a bit, too.

Anyway, I came downstairs to find Alex draped over the big tan chair in the living room.

He’d been up since six or so, by his estimation.

And he’d been busy.

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Kitchen Snapshots from a Rainy Sunday

Bill and I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen, working on various food projects, some for eating that day, others for packing away for future meals.  We used to spend entire weekends just cooking, way back when.  During this summer so much of our time has been consumed by the whole house-painting project that yesterday, we both agreed after dinner, was like a vacation.

Here’s a look at what we were doing…

Chicken · Lemons · When Bill Cooks

Cantonese Lemon Chicken


From Better Homes and Garden’s Wok Cuisine, Oriental to American, page 103.

Yes, Better Homes and Gardens.  Oh, don’t laugh at me.  There are a lot of good recipes, and the layout and photos are really nice, too.  So be nice.

Bill wanted to make something the kids would like, since they’re not always up for spicy stuff.  This sounded very kid-friendly and yummy, so that’s what he went with. 

My Kids

Cheering Section

During all of the house stuff we've been doing this summer - scraping, sanding, some carpentry, priming, painting - there were a few times that I ended up having to go way up high on the really high ladders that go up very high.  Not my favorite part of all of this.  But a few times it was necessary, for example, in order to help Bill nail in the new boards behind the gutter at the back of the house.  Or to prime the second floor windows.  Ugh.  So up I went, clinging to the ladder with every cell in my body, except the few cells that had to carry the paint and a brush. 

At one point, when I was priming around the upstairs bathroom windows, Alex's little face appeared behind the screen in front of me.  He looked at me for a minute, observing, no doubt, my grim, tense, "oh no this ladder's starting to slip sideways!" face, and he said