Making Art

I’m going to say this badly (which I know, because I’ve already attempted this first paragraph about eight times), but one of the things that I love about Seattle is the attention to art.  To creativity.  To beauty.  To little details, seemingly everywhere.  At least, everywhere I went. 


And I know it’s like that in lots of places, lots of cities – even nearby in Providence, home of Rhode Island School of Design.  I’m not saying Seattle has MORE, I’m just saying…I really, really notice it there.


Monday, Monday

Trying to get back into some sort of normal groove here.  We arrived home late Saturday night, as I mentioned in the previous post, and then spent yesterday kind of checking in on the gardens, unpacking, and restocking.  Bill mowed the lawn.  We yanked out the zucchini and pattypan plants - summer squashes which have stopped producing.  We picked tomatoes, red noodle beans, eggplant, and fennel.  We dug up some of our potatoes (potatoes!!) and picked some of the butternut and black futsu (winter squashes), and all of these are hardening off for a couple of days.  We'll probably just go ahead and eat the potatoes this week, since there aren't a lot of them, or, rather, they aren't very big.  But the squash will get stored in a basket in the basement for now.

I still have laundry to do - any dirty laundry from the suitcases is currently on a chair in the living room - and the clean clothes are stacked on the couch, waiting to be put away. 

Yesterday was not a rush around kind of day.



We got home late last night, after a long day of travel (and to make it even more exciting, I woke up with vertigo), three different flights, overpriced airplane food, and really well-behaved children, considering they had to sit still for nearly ten hours all together, and the only exercise was race-walking from one gate to the next at the airports.

Alex and Julia said hello to all the cats, Bill sprayed water in the lizard tank, I turned on the AC upstairs, and then Bill was downstairs in the basement and I was in the kitchen when suddenly there was a whole lot of loud screeching and squealing and "MOM!  COME QUICK!


Ooh, Chilled Monkey Brains!

Remember that scene?  From Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?  My least favorite of the Indiana Jones series, mainly because of the female lead character - can't even remember the character's name right now because apparently I've blocked it.  But anyway, they're at the palace, eating all sorts of delicacies like eyeball soup and baby snakes, and - chilled monkey brains.  Mmm-mmm good!

And you might be wondering what any of this has to do with Seattle, which is fine, because my answer to that would be:  Not a whole heck of a lot.  Not specifically.  Not exactly.

We didn't have monkey brains.


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A Quick Welcome…And Picture or Two those of you who've come over here from DC Rainmaker's site!  I know you came via this post to read about my kids' first triathlon.  Thanks for stopping by!  And thanks, Ray, for the link!


So, as you know if you read my previous post, we've flown to Seattle.  I didn't mention it specifically in that post, but we DID arrive safely and on time.  My sister-in-law picked us up at the airport and we met Bill's brother for lunch near where he works.


We went to a great little Thai restaurant and had a fabulous, fabulous lunch together.

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Carma Yehgo

Anyone remember the show "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"  It was a kids' game show on PBS that tested geographical knowledge.  I remember my nephew, Calvin (my sister's son) loved it when he was little.  Very little.  Too little, probably, to really understand where the different countries or states were, but it had a catchy theme song or tune, and it was bright and lively and fun. 

And since he was little, he couldn't really say "Carmen Sandiego" very well, so his version sounded more like Carma Yehgo.  Which is way more cute than the real name anyway.

And none of this really has a lot to do with this post, other than the fact that I am writing from somewhere OTHER than my normal habitat.  At first, I was thinking of just posting a picture that I took recently, and asking people to guess, if they wanted to, where I was.  And that got me thinking of the sort of cha-cha-cha feel of the Carmen Sandiego theme song, and that led me to Carma Yehgo, and...well, there you are.

But just posting a "where am I?" picture would be too short, and since I'm feeling the need to be chatty, I'll just go ahead and fill you in.