Zoo Tour With Alex

Zoo Tour With Alex, Part 1

This post is part one in a series written (well dictated – I did the typing) and photographed by my 8-year-old son, Alex. 


This is the beginning of the zoo. 


The ducks were by the rocks near the water in the Savannah area.  One seemed to be biting its back.



This is part of the Savannah.  The Savannah is a deserty place in Africa, but it still has trees and grass.  You can see a zebra eating some grass, an antelope running towards a gazelle which happens to be resting.


This giraffe is in the Savannah area in the zoo.  He was the first, well, the second giraffe I saw.  It is standing perfectly straight.  There’s a crow at the bottom of it.  I think that this giraffe might be extremely close to that gazelle, antelope and zebra that I showed you.


This is also the Savannah area.  As you can see, there are two animals, another antelope and a giraffe.  Giraffes are one of the tallest mammals on land.  Once on Dirty Jobs (it’s a show) the man who does the dirty jobs said he likes giraffe poo most because it looks like cocoa puffs.  This is a better picture of this antelope than the other picture.


We’re still in the Savannah area.  Man, did I take a lot of pictures!  This is a gazelle.  This picture looks like a better one than the other gazelle that you saw.  Gazelles have long horns that they use for weapons to fight off lions and cheetahs and stuff.  But their speed is their main weapon.  But their speed isn’t always fast enough to escape cheetahs.  


These are ostrich eggs.  You don’t really get to see the ostrich.  But daddy thought the eggs were delicious.  Just kidding. 


This zebra looks dirty.  But it might be just its color.  Zebras have stripes for one good reason – when a lion is attacking, the stripes confuse it.  But this one you can’t really see that much stripes on it.

That’s it for now.


3 thoughts on “Zoo Tour With Alex, Part 1

  1. Cute post 🙂 Woodland Zoo is beautiful and I love how some of the bird habitats are open spaces for you to walk around with birds flying right above your head, uncaged. My boyfriend and I have gone twice in the two years we’ve lived here. And now we need to see the new meerkats!

  2. Jayne,

    I swear I do not obsess over you and your family. I don’t know quite why but you all just happen to show up in my dreams occasionally. 🙂 (this is the second one I’m sharing with you.)

    In this dream, I was you and I was watching at the same time. Alex was playing some shoot-em-up video game on a wireless controller when something happened that caused me(you) to decide that I needed to take the kids and run. So out the backdoor in a panic, through someones back yard where their little yappy dog jumps onto Julia to lick her face, making her scream and freak. The teenagers that stick their heads out of the house to see what is going on throw huge handfuls of raw scallops at us to make us leave and we run out of the yard through a tall gate and into a series of dirt roads. We are looking for Bill (who is also my partner Stephen in this dream) who will make everything better and save us. But we can hear people behind us coming after us and there are cars approaching on the tiny dirt roads and Julia is crying and Alex keeps saying things like “Mom, don’t you think you are over-reacting?” and just at the corner of a curve in the dirt road is a little house. So we sit down on the grass of the house to think and Bill/Stephen walks around the corner. Julia and I both burst into tears and blubber out the story to him and he tut-tuts and tells me what a silly girl I am because it was just a noise at the house. Behind us we all hear Alex make delighted noises because the kid inside the house has the same video game that he was playing and his wireless controller (which he has brought with him) works. The dream ends with all of us staring at him as he plays the video game looking through the front window of someone else’s house.

    If you think it was weird to read about it, imagine how disconcerted it was to dream it. I woke up and wasn’t quite sure who I was for a few minutes. Thought you’d get a kick about hearing about it. 🙂



    Wow, thats some dream. I dont even know what to say. It must have been so weird when you woke up…the wondering.

    Its funny – a little brown yappy dog showed up out of the blue in the driveway yesterday while I was hanging out laundry. It startled me (and I didnt recognize it from the neighborhood) so I gave a little shriek and it shrieked right back and dashed away. We dont really have any shoot-em-up games, but weve got a Wii hunting game that belongs to the kids cousin that weve been borrowing, and lately Alex (the animal lover) has been playing that. And Bill generally does tut-tut (in his own way) my worries, so thats kind of accurate, too.

    I love these dreams. Huge handfuls of raw scallops – hahahahahaha! Thanks for sharing!

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