Zoo Tour With Alex

Zoo Tour with Alex Part 3

This post is part of an ongoing series about Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA, written (well dictated – I did the typing) and photographed by my 8-year-old son, Alex.

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This is one of the animals that I really wanted to see.  The Tapir.  We are no longer in the Savannah area.  This Tapir – the Asian (or Malayan) Tapir – lives in the Asia area of the zoo.  This tapir is the largest one of all kinds of tapirs.  Some tapirs live in South America, but this kind lives in Asia but it’s still near the equator, so it’s still near the rainforest.

The tapir has a weird nose.  It looks like a snout that an elephant seal might have.  The reason why this is one of my favorite animals at this zoo was because I’ve never seen it before, and plus it looks so huge! 


Maybe this picture of the tapir may show how big it is.  The tapir weighs between 550 and 700 pounds.  That is one big chunk of meat!


This monkey is called a Lion-Tailed Macaque.  This type of Macaque is from India.  I think I know why he might be called the Lion-Tailed Macaque.  It looks like he’s got a mane.


This creature looks sort of like a monkey, but – no tail – it’s an ape!  These apes are so loud I could hear them from the tapirs’ habitat.  They are called Siamangs (you say SEE-a-mangs).  One sounds like Daddy blowing into his beer bottle, and one sorta sounds like a chimpanzee when the chimpanzee’s mad. 

It looked like these two apes were arguing.  They had, like, weird throat things, like a weird hollow thing on their throats that puffed up and then out came the sound, kind of like a bullfrog. 


The Siamangs argued for a very long time, and then they argued some more, and some more, and then they stopped for a little bit.  And then they argued some more.  I think the one that sounded like Daddy blowing into a beer bottle went to a separate tree.  I think that one was smart to leave.

That’s it for the Siamangs.


Now we have reached the Raptor Center.  This owl is a Barn Owl.  By the way, the Raptor Center shows raptor birds.  A raptor is a bird of prey.  The Barn Owl is one.  The Barn Owl will eat insects and small animals or reptiles on the ground – whatever it can find that’s small enough.  The Barn Owl’s face looks sort of weird.

And that’s it for Part 3. 

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