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Birds and…Birds

Both kids were snuggled in bed with me this morning for a few minutes.

Julia had left a stuffed animal bald eagle in the bed last night – a gift for me earlier in the day.  She likes to give gifts of "living" creatures. 

Anyway, we're snuggled together in bed, and Alex said something like "Wow, Part 9 next!" in reference to his Zoo Tour with Alex series.  And then he said that maybe next time we go to Southwick's Zoo or Roger Williams Zoo (which still sounds like he's saying "Woger Williams"), maybe Julia could talk (on my blog) about that. 

Then conversation turned to bald eagles, with Alex saying Southwick's has them, and Julia pointing out (or maybe I have that backwards) that so does Roger Williams.  And Alex said that maybe the pair at Roger Williams are mating. 

"What's that?" Julia asked.

I waited, curious myself.

"It's when a male and a female get married…and maybe have some babies…and pretty soon the female takes over."


I will leave you with that for now. 

I have my first 5K this morning and I need to focus on my nervousness now.  Very important part of the pre-race preparation, I believe.

4 thoughts on “Birds and…Birds

  1. You know that kids get all their intelligence from their mother don’t you? Your son is quiet bright and you have taught him well. He’ll be a great husband someday. Good luck on the race.

  2. Ha, what an awesome story. 🙂 Love the very last part.

    Hope your 5K went well! I had my first a few weeks ago, and it definitely was a memorable experience.

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