Dangling Slug

As we often do, Bill and I took a walk around the gardens yesterday, checking to see what is ripe, what is dying, what has started growing (we’ve planted a lot of greens and peas recently). 


Once our patrol of the grounds was complete, we headed toward the back door.

And as I came around the side of the steps, a little dark dangling something caught my eye. 

The dangling thing was hanging from the kitchen window box.  We’ve got a lovely year-round supply of thyme in there.

At first I thought it was a spider, because sometimes they just hang there in midair, perhaps planning a new web design or thinking about bug traffic. 

But no, it wasn’t the right shape at all.

I leaned in for a closer look and saw this:


A slug.

A very tiny slug.

Dangling from a very thin thread of some sort.


I never knew slugs could do this kind of thing.


But they can.  I checked.  It’s a slime thread.  Who knew slime was so versatile?  Not me.  Until now.


So even thought I don’t want this guy in our gardens, eating our cabbages, I’m glad he was there.

It’s good to learn a little something new each day.


Thank you, little dangling slug.

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