Just a Quick Note

Well, the first day of school went well yesterday.  Both kids liked their teachers and their classmates (so far), and the school gave out popsicles to all the students because it has been in the 90s and HUMID this week.  Alex said there were four fans going in his room. 

No homework for the kids – just for me.  All the usual bits and pieces of paper to look over and/or fill out and/or sign.  I did all that right away, just to get it over with. 

And today?  Today will be another humid one, with rain (Hurricane Earl side effects) on the way, so instead of painting a side of the garage today as I’d planned, I’m going to make salsa to can.  Because, as I mentioned to my sister a moment ago, it’s JUST NOT HUMID ENOUGH!

We’ve got a ton of tomatoes that need something done to them, and lots of our assorted chili peppers are ripe, too.  We’ve got cilantro growing as well (some reseeded itself), and we have shallots and small onions – I just need lime juice (which – yay, me – I have frozen in ice cube sized chunks in the freezer!  Actually it’s Yay, Bill! because he’s the one who squeezed all the limes) and I’m good to go.

That’s about it for the moment.  Have to make the kids’ lunches and get them out of the house off to their second day of school, and then get going on the salsa before I change my mind and spend the day in the air-conditioned basement.

One thought on “Just a Quick Note

  1. My grandmother had propane burners similar to those used now for turkey fryers. She would pull them out onto the driveway and set galvanized tubs on top of 2 and fill them with water from the hose. A third one was used for actual cooking. Throw in some folding tables and a chaise lounge set up in the shade, it made for a pleasant way to can! Canning picallilly is still one of my favorite memories of time spent with her.

    I am NOT a warm weather person — not in the least! It would have taken more than a popsicle to buy me off! The weather for Chicago today is stormy, but followed by cool air. I may be the only person overjoyed by forecasts of highs of 65 degrees over Labor Day weekend!

    I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for writing it. I’m a Cheese maker, too — only fromage blanc and chevre and yogurt — and always look forward to reading about your latest food exploits.

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