Removing the Mask

Crickent-Catcher, our adult, female, Cuban Knight Anole, is starting to shed.

They shed every, I don’t know, month…two months…something like that.  When they shed, or are about to, they don’t eat as much. 

They don’t shed all their skin at once, either.  Usually it’s the head first…then it starts becoming noticeable at the tail end, until eventually the whole body seems loosely wrapped in fine, white paper.

Anyway, here’s Cricket-Catcher shedding the skin on her head.


Kind of…weird, huh?  She looks like she’s starring in a horror movie.  At least in these first two pictures.


But then, in these other pictures, she makes me think of a race horse.  You know how they wear those silks on their heads that match the jockeys?

Like that.


Except she has no saddle.



And if there was a tiny jockey sitting on her back, she’d most likely whip her head around and eat him.

Or her.


So it’s probably just as well there are no lizard races taking place in our neighborhood.


She’d be disqualified, for sure.


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