Scratchy and Softie


Figured I’d post a couple of pictures of the “kittens” – as Alex and Julia still refer to these two sometimes.

I interrupted Scratchy during his morning grooming session on the office chair in our computer/music room. 

He was caught off-guard, but managed to be a gentleman and lower his leg before I snapped the picture.



Softie was busy spying on the neighbors when I took this one.  She is clearly annoyed at the intrusion.


That’s about it for the cats.  Both are doing well, though Scratchy is, to put it kindly, a big greedy glutton, so now we have to really ration the food carefully or else he will sit at the food dishes and eat all day.

It’s funny – he is very hesitant to eat out of any dish other than his half of the double cat dish we’ve had since the kittens were, well, kittens.  If his side of the bowl is empty, but Softie’s side or Blur’s bowl still have food in them, he will meow at me plaintively until I put food in HIS bowl. 

If I ignore him, or if no one’s home, then he’ll snitch food from the other bowls.  But only because he’s so very hungry and hasn’t eaten for the past seven minutes.

So now we only put so much food out and only put it out a couple of times a day.  I felt bad at first for Blur and Softie, who are NOT gluttonous, but they’ve caught on to the routine and are right there waiting for me at the empty bowls in the morning.

And that’s the cat update for you.

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