Zoo Tour With Alex

Zoo Tour with Alex Part 10

This post is part of an ongoing series about Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA, written (well, dictated – I did the typing) and photographed by my 8-year-old son, Alex.  If you’ve missed any of the previous posts, links to those parts are at the end of this post.

DSCN2508This is the beginning of Part 10, the last part of my Zoo Tour.

This bird here is a Coscoroba Swan.  It is very pretty and white.  They live in the southern part of South America.  Hey, it sort of looks like the swans we have in Rhode Island!

DSCN2511 We’re in the same area, but we’re with a different bird.  This bird is a baby flamingo.  It has to eat algae to make its feathers grow pink.  Really!

DSCN2512 As you can see, these ones have grown their pink feathers, and the two ones straight in front of us are now fighting, probably over something.

DSCN2521 Now we’re at the third heaviest land animal on earth, known as the Hippopotamus. 

The Hippopotamus is very fat.  Those two could fill us up for maybe four months!  But we don’t eat them.

These two Hippos are just relaxing, being lazy in the water. 

Hippos are also very strong animals.  They have huge fangs, well, I wouldn’t call them fangs, I would call them teeth for chomping other enemies.  And its back teeth are also good for eating plants or seaweed.

DSCN2523We’re still at these Hippos….

They’re still in the water, though one’s nostrils popped up.  The hippo is probably breathing in and out.  Hippos can probably hold their breath under water pretty long.

At Halloween, the zookeepers feed the hippos pumpkins!  Isn’t that cool?

That’s it for the hippos.

Listen, if you want to find out more about Hippos, Gorillas, and all the other animals in Woodland Park Zoo, go to Woodland Park Zoo’s website on your computer or laptop. 

Or it’s way better to see the animals in person, like at Woodland Park Zoo.  It’s in Washington, near Seattle. 

Bye!  Hope you enjoyed the Zoo Tour!







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2 thoughts on “Zoo Tour with Alex Part 10

  1. Wait a minute! What about the otters? Do they still have the otters? They were my favorite part of the Woodland Park Zoo last time I went!

  2. Thanks, Alex. You didn’t miss much at the petting zoo or the fox exhibit. The ballgame was assuredly better!
    Next time you get to Seattle, though, you MUST go see those silly otters at the zoo!

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