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I bought a couple of gauzy white drapes the other day to hang in the center section of our big front window.  Partly for a bit of privacy (after 9 years) and partly mainly to use as a backdrop for my witch silhouette. 

Last year when I first put her up there, she looked cool (of course), but if the room was dark, you couldn’t see her from outside. 

This year I wanted to do something about that, so I got the curtains. 

And today Alex helped me put up the witch, the bat, and the – as he calls it – shrieking cat.  (He was a bit upset that Julia helped me put the spider webs on the forsythia last night and he wasn’t included.)   I’d hang things and Alex would go outside and give me a thumbs-up if everything looked good.

The pictures in this post were taken from inside the house while Bill was making dinner and I was supposed to be setting the table.

The three hats on the table are Julia’s and mine.  Hers is the little starry one, I have two.  One formal and one for every day wear.  ;)  I thought they looked nice in the picture.

Anyway, I was taking pictures and then Softie tiptoed into the room and headed for the table.  She sniffed the hats, as I knew she would, and then, when there didn’t seem to be a good way to get up onto the table, she hopped up onto the chair.


And then she spotted it.


The shrieking cat.


So far the shrieking cat is still stuck to the window frame, but it’s only a matter of time before Softie takes her down.

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