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New Faucet

I know, it's not all THAT exciting. 

Unless you're us.

Unless you live in this house.

The handle of our old kitchen sink faucet broke some time ago – back at the beginning of the summer, maybe, or late spring, right when we were gearing up for our big PAINT THE HOUSE extravaganza.  So we figured we'd live with it and take care of it later.  After the painting was done.  Of course, that was also when we thought it would only take a couple of weeks to do all the scraping, sanding, priming and painting.  Oh, and the replacing of bad shingles.  Oh and the tearing down of clapboards on the whole front of our house and the putting up of tar paper and new shingles.  Yeah.  In two weeks.  Heh heh.

So anyway, we lived with the broken handle (if you lifted up too enthusiastically when turning the water on, the handle would come right off) all summer, and miraculously no glassware or dishes were broken.

But finally the time had come (and we finally HAD time) to replace the faucet.  So yesterday we went over to Lowe's and picked out a faucet – nothing crazy fancy, because it would look really out of place in our little kitchen – but something better – not as cheap as the one that came with the house, and something with a higher spout.  Something like the one Bill's brother and sister-in-law have out in Seattle – we really liked their faucet.  And their whole recently re-done kitchen.  But one thing at a time.  We've started with the faucet.

So we compared this one to that one, and talked to the plumbing guy at Lowe's, who was very helpful, and finally settled on the Delta Ashton Stainless Single Handle Faucet with Pull Down Spray.  (And soap dispenser!)  We were torn between that and a similar faucet by Kohler, but decided on the Delta because it had EVERYTHING we would need in one box.

  The faucet we liked by Kohler didn't come with a soap dispenser, and we needed something to go in that other hole on the corner of the sink.  Sure, we could cap it, but we liked the idea of a soap dispenser.  We were going to buy a separate one that came pretty close to matching the Kohler faucet, and we'd also (if we went with Kohler) need to buy some little hoses to connect from here to there.  We almost went with it, too, because the plumber guy at Lowe's had good things to say about it…but he also said good things about Delta and their new "DIAMOND Seal Technology" which is supposed to be even better than what the industry standards are. 

So we decided to have one last look at the Delta, just to be sure.  Back we went (oh, this was SUCH a fun outing for the children) and took another look at the Delta.  And, as I've already said, that's the one we went with.  Because, as I also already said, it had everything we wanted/needed.  The hoses.  The soap dispenser.  Nothing extra to buy.  Yay!  We like that. 
So we bought it and came home and Bill installed it (with my able assistance), and within an hour or so, we had a new faucet! 




And a soap dispenser!  YAY!

Of course, it looked really nice and made the surrounding are look horrible, so I had to clean the windows and windowsills and window frames, just so everything else in the kitchen would live up the high standards now set by our faucet.

I know.  Pretty silly.  But hey, it was like Christmas for us. 

And then, of course, we had to waste 200 gallons of water just trying it out. 


And Julia got in on the act, too.  She likes to wash dishes (because so far it's not on her list of chores), so she got her little stool and washed all the plastic cups and dishes. 

And that was the big excitement yesterday.

Of course, it was not the only thing that went on over the weekend, but that's all I have time for this morning.  I'll be back later with updates on the fun I had on Saturday.

OH – and the winner of that Cookie Cutter Giveaway!!

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  1. Nice, nothing like getting the faucet you really want, then you can live with everything else. We are getting new counter tops in the next few weeks. The other day when we went down to order them and the built in sink (oh yeah!) the lady asked if I knew what kind of faucet I wanted. I said yes, I wanted the same one I had. She wanted to sell me a new faucet and I said no, I want to keep the one I have. It’s not very old and it goes with the kitchen.

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