Sometimes I Heart Spam

Not all the time, mind you.  Too much isn't good for you.  And it has to be a certain kind of spam.  Not the obviously mass-produced kind.  No, I really enjoy spam that has that personal touch.  Like this comment that I received from a "reader" who apparently goes by the name of "dining table," 

Wow! This could have been so delicious. I might try this one on the weekend. Try if my kids will also love it

Well thanks, dining table!  Not only could it have been delicious, it was!  I certainly hope if your kids will also love it.  I also hope you find that missing bit of punctuation you most likely meant to leave at the end of that last sentence!

I delete these, of course, but they do provide me with a bit of amusement now and then. 

I'll be back a bit later with another delicious recipe you might all want to try if your kids will also love it.


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